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  • Thanks to Zoomission for finding me real honest & professional construction company!

    — Richard Williams

  • Good web site. Was usefull!

    — Laurier Boivin

  • I was surprised of how easy it is to get quotes for work you need to be completed, I will be definitely be using this service again.

    — Jimmy T

  • Very good site!

    — P.J O'brien

  • Zoomission.com is an excellent web site for finding building modification contractors. Easy, efficient and economic. Excellent!

    — Eric Wang

  • I called many companies from yellow pages and they were not working in my area. Playing on Google I found Zoomission.com and my problem was solved. Next time I have a project I will begin with them.

    — Luny Celicourt

  • This website was useful for finding contractors.

    — Jay Waldron

  • Good way to find contractors!

    — Michel Phan Huy

  • Positive experience and I will certainly consider using Zoomission.com for any and all future projects. It was user friendly and allowed me to get quality estimates from numerous entrepreneurs that I normally would not have known were out there. Overall - its an excellent, easy to use tool for anyone looking to get a contractor to do a project for them.

    — Alan Vincent

  • Had a very good experience with Zoomission, will definitely use aggain if need be. Thank you!

    — Julie H

  • Good site, very useful!

    — Joan Xiong

  • I am very glad that I found this website that offers such kind of service. I find it way easier to post a project description and have contractors contact me rather than searching blindly for contractors, which I already tried and which lead to nowhere. I found a good masonry company for a brick project and I am satisfied with the work done. I have already informed many of my acquaintances about this website.

    — Maiada Issa

  • If you need a contractor, Zoomission will get the job done quickly and efficiently. It worked for me and many others. I will continue going to Zoomission for all my construction needs. What a great website!

    — Tarek Rifaat

  • I really like this site, help a lot finding people interrested in working ;)

    — Maxime Dubois

  • This is a very useful resource. The website is very easy to use. I am definitely going to use this again.

    — Rémi Fattal

  • A very useful and good tool !

    — Bertrand Chaussabel

  • Zoomission is a great service for home owner. Most of the time, we do not know the contacts where Zoomission would address this issue. Thanks.

    — D.N. Nguyen

  • I found Zoomission.com by coincidence on the Internet, and I am very happy that I did. This is a very useful tool for people who need to have a renovation and/or repair work done on their home. Like with any other tool, the user of the tool bears the responsibility for a good end-result, especially the part about references and feedbacks. I see a bright future for Zoomission.com.

    — Ustun Eronat

  • Thank you Zoomission, the project was realized in short time because you are very well organized and communication was great. This is my second project realized with Zoomission and I am very happy with the support received. Thank you again!

    — Corneliu Giuglea